10 struggles all sleepy people will know

In honour of National Lazy Day, AKA my favourite day ever, I’ve rounded up all the struggles us sleepy people face daily. Because we didn’t choose the lethargic life, the lethargic life chose us…

  1. Signing up to a pre-work gym class and sleeping right through – it’s just not worth it.

2. Abusing the snooze button. Our iPhone alarms permanently look like this:



3. Feeling annoyed when you see those expertly groomed, typical Type A girls on the tube who are styled head-to-toe, have a Starbucks something-skinny in hand and look like they’ve done 101 things before 7am.

4. Not knowing how to accessorise. Because where is the time for accessorising when you leave yourself ten minutes to get out the house?


5. Resorting to one of the solid 10 outfits you’ve been rotating for the last three years because, as per no. 4, no time to style.


6. Receiving an email past 11am and not replying until the morning because, really? You think I’m awake at 11am? #grandmalife


7. The nightly countdown of how many hours sleep you’re going to get… Cue sheer panic if it’s any less than eight hours…


8. But really, no matter how many hours of sleep you get, it’s never enough.


9. You can, and will, sleep anywhere, at any time. In fact, you look for couches, beanbags and ideally beds whenever you visit someone, so you can be safe in the knowledge that a nap is on the cards.


10. Weekends are reserved for sleeping. Don’t try to make plans with me before 12am on Saturday or Sunday, it’s just rude.