Why you have to just #letitgo

I have always been the most sensitive person ever. I can literally get upset if someone glances at me sideways and I often convince myself that people are talking badly about me… when they’re clearly just chatting about the weather/Kanye West’s latest Twitter rant. Paranoid? Just think the world revolves around me?! You decide!

Nobody likes hearing things that have been said behind their back, but I really do think it affects me particularly badly. It has always made me feel so horrible that it takes a while to get over, plus lots of talking it out with my poor, long-suffering boyfriend. 

But we live in a weird, social media-dominated world that opens us up to lots of criticism and negativity and so it’s important, now more than ever, to #letitgo (sorry for putting the song in your head).


One night a while back, I was particularly upset about a rumour that had been spread about me (that wasn’t true). I was gutted because it was malicious, it had come from one person who I didn’t realise I had a problem with and, like I said, it wasn’t true! We all know how frustrating that is, right?! Feeling very sorry for myself, I rang my mum. Expecting lots of sympathy (obvs), I was surprised to hear her say: ‘And?? Who cares?’. It caught me off guard. I was like… ‘But mum, did you hear what I said? Don’t you feel really sorry for me??’ She replied: ‘Al, just let it go, darling’. 

Ok… Right. Slightly rude, but she was SO right. Who does care?! I have my best friends and my family who know me inside and out and would laugh at such a rumour and as for the rest… Who cares! Caring simply adds extra, unnecessary worry/stress to your life… And I’m sure I can safely say that none of us need anymore!

I swear that was a lightbulb moment for me. There is too much going on in life to worry about things that you can’t change/don’t actually affect you. And if somebody doesn’t like you, well, let’s just accept that that’s inevitable – there are billions of people on this planet, not everyone’s going to be a fan!

I’m still sensitive – I think I always will be, it’s just how I’m wired. But things affect me far less than they used to and I don’t spend so long obsessing over stupid, petty stuff. And that feels so good, honestly. Give it a go!!!