My Life This Week.

Here’s what has been going on this week.

I’ll walk on water if it gets me closer to the sunset
Shop the look via Like to Know It 

We need to talk hair!

I have four sisters, and they and my mum were all blessed with manes of hair. Like, beautiful, thick manes of hair. I got all of like 100 strands, so I’ve been adding extensions in since I was about 17. I have tried all different kinds of extensions (the worst was a weave, it totally destroyed my hair) but when I came across Viken & Blush Hair Extensions, I have struggled even contemplating going elsewhere. They do the very best extensions with beautiful virgin hair that they colour match to exactly your shade… my friend went to get hers done for a wedding and now hates me because she can’t live without them anymore I’ve been going for years and wanted to give them a shout out because I am literally obsessed with them! Let me know if you have any questions!

When you’re trying to shoot an outfit but you spot a puppy!

Had the best time at Silk Fred HQ playing dress up this week – look out for my video on their social channels! Not my usual style but loved this clashing print look


I’m so happy that the weather has cooled down – I can stop sweating like a pig, for one, but also I FINALLY get to wear these beauties! Oh and they’re only £19.99  – shop them via Like To Know It 

You know when you find a dress that fits like a glove and just makes you feel really good? This one did the trick for me – it’s soo pretty!  You can shop it via  Like To Know It

Soo… who caught my knicker drama on insta stories yesterday?!!! It’s one for the girls, boys you don’t need to watch!   Anywayyy (Benny says I shouldn’t be mentioning my knickers on here ), I always wear such big and baggy clothes that I sometimes forget I have a waist so loved wearing this for a beautiful wedding in the woods in Northern Germany yesterday. Now time to get home and do some work (/have a roast)! Shop the look via  Like To Know It

I got on the scales this morning and wondered how I’d managed to gain two kilos. Later on I was scrolling through my camera roll, saw this and thought ‘ah…’ Loreal Makeup

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