Halloween make-up: 15 scary-but-also-kinda-cute ideas

Halloween is on the horizon, which means you need to start thinking about your October 31st Instagram selfie (no, I can’t believe I said that either).

Gone are the days of a green wig and a black binbag – it’s all about taking your Halloween make-up to the next level with imaginative and intricate looks.

I’ve scoured Instagram for some of the best Halloween make-up selfies out there to bring you some creepy inspiration – though there’s nothing too gruesome… I’m squeamish and a wimp, so if you’re after demented clown and dead doll looks, this isn’t the right place.

1. Day of the Dead:


This was my look for last year’s Halloween. It took a while, plus the help of my creative sister, but it was so fun! You need time, patience and a lot of face paint, but it’s reasonably easy while looking very intricate…

2. A sexy Joker:




This is an easy one, but very effective.

3. The Queen of Hearts



Look at all the pink – this look was made for Instagram!

3. Vampy:



Simple, but possibly as chic as Halloween make-up looks go. Requires a really good eye shadow blending brush.

4. Vampire:



So easy, apart from the contacts bit, but if you can face putting them in, it makes all the difference!

5. Creepy doll:



White eyeliner – and lots of it – is the trick for this look, it makes the eyes look huge.

6. Bambi:



More cute than creepy, but so cute!

7. Another Day of the Dead:



A more colourful version than mine, though slightly harder to recreate – one for the pros!

8. Tigress: 



You’ll need expert contour skills for this one, but it’s a really beautiful look.

9. Half off:



SUCH a cool effect – I love it! Plus, you only have to do one eye!! #lazygirlproblems

10. Upside down:



Turn your face on its head with this fun look.

11. Gothic



Dead doesn’t really get sexier than this! Creepy, but cute.

12. Skeleton



Ah, the simple skeleton! If you’re going to go for a skeleton look, make sure you do it well. Take this version as a template.

13. Skeleton no. 2



If the above was too testing, this is a more simple look that’s still effective.