‘Don’t be a waster’: The slogan t-shirt you need to buy now

Working with brands I love never gets old for me

I really feel lucky that I can do it for a living. But when there’s a great cause behind a campaign, it’s the best.

So I was delighted to partner up with BRITA and Henry Holland to promote a new sustainable fashion campaign. The brands have joined forces to create two cheeky, yet powerful, slogan t-shirts to raise awareness of the 15 million plastic water bottles used every day in the UK… Yes, you read that right – 15 million!


The limited edition charity t-shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles and salvaged cotton.  They are available to buy now on the House of Holland website for just £30, with profits going to the Marine Conservation Society to help clear the oceans of plastic.

Sounds like an excellent use of £30 to me! Plus, I love House of Holland – it’s such a cool brand.

Since taking part in this campaign, I’ve been using my BRITA fill&go bottle instead of picking up a plastic bottle of water every time I go to the gym. It literally takes a few seconds to fill it, and it saves me that £1 every time.

Benny got one of the bottles too and I now rarely see him without it in his hands! Two of us swapping one-use plastic bottles for these might only make the tiniest difference.  But that’s where we need to start and I’m really proud to promote this campaign to you guys… Please get a t-shirt, and a bottle, and share your snaps of them on Insta by tagging me in – I want to see!

As mentioned, I worked with BRITA and House of Holland on this blog post. 

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