Weekend away at the Laura Ashley manor

Benny works away most weeks and my work schedule is pretty intense, meaning sometimes it feels like we’re passing ships! So we decided to do a weekend away together where we could reconnect and just be able to hang out properly together… And take photos, obvs. That’s a given, nowadays…!

We went to the Laura Ashley Manor in Elstree, which was, as you’d expect from the name, very pretty. The Tudor-style hotel is beautiful, it showcases the prints and floral patterns for which Laura Ashley is known. And the grounds are just as photogenic – manicured lawns slope away towards woodland and you can even see central London in the distance. It makes for a great sunset pic – as you’ll see below!

I overpacked, naturally, so there are a couple of outfits to get through here! Hope you enjoy – and if you have any questions at all, please leave a comment!




Guys I cannot stress enough how flattering this dress is! It pulls you in in all the right places and I cannot wait to wear it again – I’ve got it in mind for a wedding next weekend! You can shop it here.


Some of the details in and around the hotel are gorgeous.


Our suite was called Knightsbridge and was sooo roomy – probably bigger than our whole London flat!


He’s a bit tired after a long working week away but aww <3


I’ve loved Eugenia Kim hats for a while, so I was delighted to get my hands on this beauty! Isn’t it so chic?! You can shop it here.


Can you tell I’m into off-the-shoulder dresses RN?! Another super flattering cut – I love this. You can shop it here.




Giant chess board! We had so much fun with it.

XL7A2008 XL7A1910XL7A2078

This dress might not be as flattering as the other two, but it’s cool and I like it. You can shop it here.


Told you!


Dreamy weekend away – I’m already plotting our next one! xxx