Hey Like Wow – the brand new, good-for-you water bottles I’m obsessed with

This post is sponsored by Hey Like Wow – a brand I love and think you will too!

I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should. It’s partly because I love (like, really love) tea and so I just drink that all day long, but it’s also because having to sip water gets, well, a bit boring. I see my colleagues diligently sipping from their big bottles all day long and I admire them but I just can’t, sorry.

So I was excited to hear about these new water bottles on the market… Called Hey Like Wow, they were developed to combat the unhealthy soft drink epidemic that’s swept the UK. 


They’re a range of vitamin-enriched flavoured waters that use a packaging mechanism to combine the water and flavouring at themoment of consumption – which reduces the need for preservatives and prevents deterioration of the vitamins (which include B6, C, D and calcium). 

I’m so into these – they taste so good and the fact that I know they are good for me is an added bonus.

The Hey Like Wow bottles use a special blast-cap design to combine the flavouring – a mixture of fruit extracts, vitamins and stevia – with natural mineral water by clicking the cap… You then have to shake the bottle while releases the vitamins into the water et voila! 


In 500ml and 250ml bottles, they come in 12 different flavours. The Mango, Lime & Coconut makes me feel like I am on a beach in Jamaica, just FYI. 

BUT my favourite is the Blackcurrant – I also like the purple bottle, obvs!

Give them a try! You can buy the Orange and Blackcurrant flavours at Tesco from 99p.