How I manage my fear of flying

I used to hop on a plane with excitement, delighted to be taking to the skies. But one day, when I was around 20, I got on a flight to Italy and started to panic. I couldn’t put my finger on what changed, or why, but I was suddenly scared of flying. I started to dread getting on a plane and if I had to fly alone, I’d lie awake for days beforehand.

My first step to conquering the fear was a book, that came recommended by my friend Kath. It’s called Flying Without Fear, written by former British Airways pilot Keith Godfrey, and is based in cognitive behavioral therapy, explaining and preparing you for every sight, sound and sensation you might experience in an airplane.

rescue remedy Alexander Light

It helped so much that it became fairly anxiety-free to travel when I was with other people. But I always have nerves – taking off is my least favourite part and until we’re settled and flying reasonably steady, I don’t feel overly at ease.

Enter Rescue Remedy. Before my fear of flying started, I was very familiar with the brand – I would take a few drops before exams, before my driving test and before trips to the dentist (saving that phobia for another blog post…).

I’d always found it really useful and effective, so when my fear of flying came into play, I began to restock and I still carry it with me every time I fly!

rescue remedy Alexander Light

But what is Rescue Remedy? It’s a blend of five different flower essences that relate to different emotional states that everyone experiences from time to time and makes for a much more positive frame of mind. It contains Rock Rose, which tackles fear and helps prevent you from being overwhelmed by scary situations, so it’s perfect for flying.

I always used to use the drops, but now there is a whole range of Rescue Remedy products to help people keep on top of their days or tackle stressful situations – there are original droppers and sprays, liquid melts and pastilles, my personal favourite.

Do you use Rescue Remedy? If so, what for? Let me know – I’d love to hear! Or if you haven’t used it before but now want to try, let me know what you think! xx

I worked with Rescue Remedy on this post, a brand I love and hope you will too!