Why I quit my job to be a full-time blogger

A month ago, I walked into work with my resignation letter tucked neatly into my bag and a stomach full of butterflies. After almost 7 years at HELLO!, I was leaving. Not for another position or another company, but to focus full-time on my blog.

It wasn’t an easy decision – I’ve climbed the ranks at HELLO!, such a well-respected and much-loved publication, and am proud of the work I’ve done there. But after sitting down with my mum and dad (my biggest supporters, thank god!) and discussing the ins and outs, whether I could manage financially without a ‘guaranteed’ monthly salary – you know, the boring stuff – I made the decision.

My leaving cover!

It was like the biggest weight had lifted – I felt liberated and suddenly really excited for the future… A future that felt, for once, entirely in my own hands.

But why did I take the plunge? Because I LOVE blogging. I love having an outlet to share my innermost thoughts and personal accounts of my life.

I love being connected to a group of lovely, interesting women (and a few men!) who, through comments and reaching out, make me realise we all experience the same ups and downs. And , last but not least, I love fashion and beauty. I always have, always will – and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day than styling and shooting outfits, trialling and discussing new beauty products and giving you guys advice on either subject.

I’m so happy and excited about my new, full-time blogging venture – I really hope you’ll join me/stay with me as I embark upon it!