Tops: A few of my favourite looks…

Guys be prepared – this is a biggie! I got a brand new camera (Canon 5D) and it’s become my full-time obsession. I literally snap everything I see and make Benny takes pictures of basically every single outfit. So I have lots and lots of blog posts ready and waiting, but am going to break them down into three outfits per posts! This one is dedicated to tops, because there are tons of new tops that I’m loving at the moment.

First off, this cuteeeeeee number from ASOS White. It’s such a fun upgrade on the average white tee and it’s also pretty flattering.

outfits1 outfits2outfits3

Next up is this shirt from Lazy Oaf that I love for two main reasons. 1. It has cats on, and who doesn’t love a cat print? 2. It’s a peplum… I know they had their moment in 2013/14 but I’m still a huge fan.

outfits4  outfits6 outfits7 outfits8

I know this is a tops post but can we all just take a minute to appreciate these heels? I’m really sorry – they’ve sold out 🙁 But if they come back in stock I’ll let you know…


Lastly this denim beauty, again from ASOS White. SUPER flattering – the most flattering of all three, and my favourite top RN. In fact, I wore it to my birthday party last night…

outfits14outfits12outfits15   outfits13