My snowy adventure

So I’ve just got back from skiing. I had big plans for lots of ski-themed blog posts – think ski fashion, ski beauty essentials, beautiful landscape shots etc – but honestly, I was too busy trying to survive.


Modelling my gorge – and super warm – Parajumpers coat 

I am, like, the biggest wimp you’ll ever come across, so skiing was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I was prepared and ready to go for it… Until my boyfriend attempted to drag my down a red run… On my FIRST DAY!! I was traumatised and I spent the rest of the day whimpering.



Once I’d recovered (boyfriend still not forgiven, FYI), I actually really got the hang of it and enjoyed every minute. Plus the views are so beautiful, the air is so fresh and the apres-ski is pretty fun…!


View and a half, right?

Gutted to be back in smoggy London and having to wrestle my way on to the tube twice a day… But there are some good things – it’s no longer January (meaning we are all a little less poor, a little less fat and a lot less miserable), I’m off to LA to go to the Grammys in two weeks’ time (eek!), and there are outfits to be worn, photographed and shared with you guys! 😀


I love a good plane/sunset pic…