I need to talk to you about a new skincare find…

I have such dry skin. I don’t know why – I can drink gallons of water and moisturise til the cows come home, but my skin still resembles the Sahara desert. So I’m always after anything that will hydrate  – cue SkinFix, a natural skincare brand I recently discovered and have become obsessed with. I took notice of it thanks to its ‘all-natural’ and ‘dermatologist-recommended’ claims. I’m a sucker for a good claim.

There are four products I’ve been using regularly and have noticed a serious improvement in my skin’s hydration, so I’m going to talk you through them…

First up, the Foaming Oil Cleanser. This is really worth a try guys – it’s formulated with coconut-based cleansers that wash away dirt and make-up without stripping your skin of moisture, something I desperately needed. This feels so good and soothing on my skin, leaving it soft and supple.

skinfix skincare products

I then apply the Moisture Boost Serum… Why? The name says it all really. I feel like my skin has had a drink of water after using this – it looks healthy, soft and plump. Ready for the next step, which is my favourite product of the lot – the Nourishing Cream. This is the ultimate quencher for dry, tired skin and I absolutely slather it onto my face. Containing a host of nourishing natural ingredients, including Macamadia Oil and Aloe Leaf Extract, it boosts moisture, elasticity and delivers essential nutrition to deeper levels of the skin… I’m such a fan – and yes, this post is sponsored, but I’m genuinely taken with these products… I wouldn’t recommend something so strongly if I wasn’t!

skinfix skincare products

My skin definitely feels like it’s had a bit of a makeover. My boyfriend remarked that I looked really healthy the other day (the ultimate compliment – Benny never notices anything concerning my appearance!!) and I really think it might be down to using these products.

They’re sold at Boots. If you give them a go, please let me know – I want to know what you think! xx

skinfix skincare products

This post was sponsored by SkinFix, a brand I love and hope you will too. 



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  1. June 6, 2017 / 12:00 am

    Hey Alex, this sounds amazing, I need to try this asap. Love the photos in your post too. 🙂 xx