I love pastel colours, but I don’t tend to wear them much. I’m more of a black, white, grey kind of gal… Except when it comes to my Insta – as anyone who follows me will know, I throw in a ton of pastel colours as they’re so pretty! Anyway, I thought I’d try it out with an outfit… This is head-to-ankle H&M (trainers are Adidas).

When I lived in Paris and Madrid, I bought all of my clothes at H&M as it was pretty much all I could afford (they had Topshop in Madrid but the prices were inflated and it always felt wrong when I could just buy at home).  I hadn’t really gone in H&M for a while until the other day, and I realised that I’d forgotten how amazing it is! It really is fashionista on a budget heaven. Anyway, these were my top picks…

Jumper, Shirt, Trousers, Trainers: Adidas

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