I need to talk to you about this hair show

Having been a fashion and beauty journalist for a good few years, I’ve been lucky enough to see lots of fashion shows. Whacky, wild and wonderful – you name it, I’ve seen it! And then this show came along and blew them out of the water…

I was excited to visit Brussels with Revlon Professional to attend their Style Masters show, but had no idea what to expect. I’d never seen a trade hair show, but had heard it was quite the experience.

The view of Brussels from our hotel 

We started off our trip with a walking tour around Brussels. I’d never been before, so was delighted to be able to explore a little – it can be a little grey and industrial, but in the centre the buildings are all so unusual and beautiful.

Naturally, I made a pit stop at a waffle shop (when in Brussels…) and had an eyes-too-big-for-my-belly moment when I ordered one with cream, strawberries and Nutella. I felt a bit ill for some time after… But it made a great picture!

This was so good, guys

Before the show, I got all glammed up thanks to Revlon Professional Global Influencer John Vial, who is an absolute hoot and gave me the most amazing bouncy waves.

Hair by John Vial 

My jumper and skirt are from H&M, and the heels are old favourites from Mint Velvet

Onto the show! So, Style Masters is a contest to recognise the talent of the best hair stylists in the world and make their most creative work visible during an incredible gala… Seriously, incredible.

There were 4,000 guests from 50 countries all over the world present, and there were around six different segments to the show with different themes governing each – a few examples were Tropicana, Monochrome and Morning Glory (from the American Crew men’s section).

It was like the Victoria’s Secret show of the hair world. The outfits were incredible, the hair out of this world and live music topped off the whole experience.

Seriously, the Victoria’s Secret show of the hair world

Rounding off the show was the award for the Style Master 2017 winner, with nine finalists finishing their hair looks live on stage. I was super nervous for them, and very invested at this point! You can see the winner’s creation below.

The winning creation

The winners posing with their models and creations


An after-party followed, but at this point it was 2am, my feet were killing me and it was time to head to bed, my head swimming with images of the most incredible, creative hairstyles I’ve ever seen!

Heading back to London armed with lots of Revlon Professional goodies

Sidenote: look what I came back to! It was mine and Benny’s 9th anniversary and he’d left these on my desk! <3