Self Portrait

I have a love affair with Self Portrait. A lot of high street brands have tried to recreate their signature aesthetic but you can’t beat a beautiful Self Portrait creation.

I love the way the top part of their designs are tight-fitting, while the rest flares. Not for any particular reason, other than it means I can eat what I want when I wear it and not worry about a food baby!

I felt pretty cool posing in this beauty in the middle of the road – it’s fun to pretend to be a bit rockstar when you are so.not.rockstar. Hahaha.

The pics were shot by Mooez Ali, the co-founder of my favourite fashion app (and I have quite a few…), Comb. Liam Doolan is the other founder – these guys are honestly the nicest and their app is amazing… It basically uses image recognition to find exact matches of clothes/similar looks. Check it out here.

Dress: Self Portrait, Heels: Kendall & Kylie.

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