Serious brunching With Pimm’s!

Between full-time blogging, contributing to HELLO! Online, freelancing, getting to the gym on a regular basis and just, you know, having a life (read: Love Island), I hardly ever find time to host. So it was so nice to set aside a morning (which led well into the afternoon!) to put on a great brunch for my friends and sisters.

Since it’s officially summer (wahoo!) and the British weather has been mostly playing ball, the brunch was powered by Pimm’s – a  drink synonymous with British summertime. Pimm’s puts me in a really good mood, seriously – it makes me feel happy and bright and I just associate it with having fun in the sun. Plus it’s so refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

There are lots of different was you can serve Pimm’s – it’s not just your traditional ‘add lemonade’ kind of liquor. To give you some inspiration, I’ve added the recipes for a few different serves below. Please give them a go – and tag me in your creations! I want to see 🙂

I honestly had the best time. It was so nice to chill and just spend some time with all my favourite people!


This post is sponsored by Pimm’s, a brand I love and hope you will too!