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    My detox retreat with Urban Decay

    I drink around eight cups of tea a day. I don’t think I’m physically addicted, but it’s definitely a habit – I feel incomplete without a builder’s brew (herbal? No thanks)…

  • Beauty Fashion Travel

    My trip to Mykonos with Rimmel

    Guys this is a long one… Bear with me! Straight after Thailand (it definitely wasn’t the toughest three weeks!), I went to Mykonos with beauty brand Rimmel. I’d never been to…

  • Beauty Travel

    My trip to LA with Urban Decay

    I’ve been very lucky in my career so far, I’ve had some incredible opportunities and amazing experiences. But my trip to LA with Urban Decay definitely sits at the top of…

  • Fashion Travel

    My snowy adventure

    So I’ve just got back from skiing. I had big plans for lots of ski-themed blog posts – think ski fashion, ski beauty essentials, beautiful landscape shots etc – but honestly,…