Welcome to my world!

So, here goes!

As anyone who knows me will know, I’m obsessed with clothes. I always have been. I’ve been surrounded by them since a very young age, thanks to my parents’ professions, and I guess it could have gone one of two ways – two of my sisters are accountants – but it got me hooked.


A couple of pieces of clothing stick out for me as memorable: a floor-length DKNY denim coat (I remember standing in front of the mirror for hours staring at it and thinking: ‘I will never not love this’. That sounded cuter in my head than written down) and a leopard-print faux fur Juicy Couture coat that I spent around a year begging my parents for. I unwrapped it as a present on Christmas morning and was so happy I burst into tears and spent the rest of the day – and night – wrapped up in it. I might have been hot, but I was not letting it out of my sight.

Fashion magazines have always been my escapism. I’d spend hours poring over all the details of a fashion shoot and tearing out my must-buy items. I managed to get an internship at Hugo Boss in Paris during my year abroad at University and then at Diesel, also in Paris, where I spent a half-day a week on the reception. This allowed me five hours of internet access (my fellow student friend and I couldn’t afford internet at our tiny one-bed flatshare in the south of the city) and I used it to apply for internships at every fashion magazine going.1

I lucked out with work experience at Cosmo and this lead to a fashion and beauty writer role at HELLO! Online in Madrid, where I fell in love with beauty in a big way. After a year in the Spanish capital, I transferred back to London and I’ve been there ever since!

I began posting #ootds (hi mum, that means Outfit Of The Day) on Instagram a while back as a way, I guess, of justifying my minor-bordering-on-serious shopping addiction to myself and loved it so much that I’m turning them into a blog!

Unfortunately for my long-suffering boyfriend Benny, this means yet more clothes and beauty products occupying our two rooms – one is, much to his dismay and my daily delight, my walk-in wardrobe – but I am excited to start this journey and hope to have you on it with me!2

Expect tons of outfits, outfit ideas, beauty tips, make-up product reviews and other fun stuff I come across as part of my job. I love travelling and tend to spend most of my free time and spare money on trips to different parts of the world so expect a bit of that too!